We'll make sure novice travelers have everything they need and that experienced travelers are reminded of everything they've forgotten.

24-Hour Lifeline Service

For the duration of your trip, we offer a complimentary lifeline service. We remain accessible to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for help with unforeseen events or emergencies. We can provide essential logistical support, including re-routing or adjusting your trip. When you're out in the field and don't have internet access, simply being able to call someone who does is invaluable.

Our lifeline service also includes money wiring. In the event that your wallet is lost or stolen or credit card blocked, we can provide the support you need. This service is particularly valuable to solo travelers or families travelling on the same accounts.

We can help you determine if travel insurance would be beneficial to you and if so, what type. Plans provided by credit cards and auto insurance don't always provide the correct coverage.

Trip Insurance Assistance

Essential travel and cultural information

We'll inform you of the visa, passport and health requirements for your destination as well as any cultural 'do's and don'ts'. We also provide helpful information about cellular phone SIM cards, and where to get the best exchange rates while abroad, etc.

Packing list

Different destinations call for different gear. Whether it's a scarf for temples, leech socks for the jungle, or a corkscrew for wine at a picnic, being prepared for the adventure that lies ahead is essential to a smooth trip. We will provide you with a suggested packing list that is catered to your trip to assure that you're as comfortable as possible on your journey.

Intellectual Enrichment

Learning about a destination's culture, history or environment before you go can greatly enhance your travel experience. We provide a list of recommended books, films, etc. that will enrich your experience intellectually.

Navigational Tools

We'll provide you with any navigational tools necessary for your journey. We'll make sure you have everything from detailed topographical maps for hikes and regional maps for scenic drives, to custom cycling routes that you can download onto your phone. Having your own maps and tools gives you freedom to travel where want and puts you in control.