Here's a sampling of the types of travel our trip designs often incorporate.

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We love locals

Cultures are made rich by the people in them. We like to plan trips that offer the opportunity to pause and have a chat with these Scottish gentlemen for example! If your itinerary is too rushed or you're not able to choose your own pace spontaneous and enriching social interactions could be limited.


History and Intellectual Travel

As lifelong learners, we believe life should be full of field trips. Let New Zealand become your geology class, a temple in Bhutan enrich your religious studies, a jam session in an Irish pub become your music lesson. And yes, standing on Omaha Beach brings the chilling history of D-Day to life.

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We live and breathe bicycle travel. We specialize in route design for independent cyclists and also, if a guided trip is more in order, we'll assist you in choosing the destination and tour company that will best suit you. Our trip designs accommodate all ability levels!

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Hiking and Walking

We can infuse any amount of walking or hiking into your trip. Whether you're going from one quaint Irish B&B to the next, hiking hut to hut in the national parks of New Zealand or enjoying a guided walk of a medieval city in Europe, we'll make sure that it's at your pace.


regional food and open-air Markets

From the polished open-air markets of Provence, to the exotic local markets of Burma, we think experiencing incredible local food is a huge part for any travel experience. Street food or Michelin Star, we'll make sure it's your flavor.


Family travel

Because our little ones count too! Travelling with kids can extinguish barriers between cultures, lead to genuine interactions with locals and encourage you to try new experiences (like eating a fried cricket). But kids do have different needs and energy levels that must be met. We'll make sure that your trip is fun and safe for them too! 

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Outdoor Pursuits

For the outdoor enthusiast or those looking for a new challenge, there is always time in an itinerary to weave in some fly fishing, golf, hunting or rock climbing. 

And  maybe 18-holes isn't for everyone in your travel party? We specialize in multi-layered itineraries so that each traveler has the best day of their vacation, every day. Not everyone has to do the same thing every day.

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Unique Lodging

No matter your budget, we'll find a dynamic mix of lodging that will enhance your travel experience. Personally, we enjoy sleeping in our own tent miles from anyone as much as we enjoy relaxing in a 5-star boutique hotel... and if we can do both in one trip then that's even better! It's your budget and your style.

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The novice traveler

We specialize in creating trips that stay within the comfort zone of each traveler. For example, travelling to Asia for the first time, or bike touring in a foreign country, can be daunting, not to mention a lot of work to plan. We take special time and care to assure that you feel 100% equipped and comfortable with the journey that lies ahead.