Our expertise will elevate your trip experience while also saving YOU time and money

Expert destination advice

Consulting with a travel industry professional who has in-depth local knowledge of your destination will assure that you don't waste time and money on places, lodging and activities that aren't worth it. Even the most experienced world travelers waste time and money on mediocre experiences because they planned a trip to a destination that's new to them. Spending too many days in a disappointing city or accommodation while hearing about an amazing place that you didn't know about is not only a waste of time, but an incredible let-down. Consult with us and we'll make sure every minute and every dollar counts.

Exclusive reservation access to vendors and rates

While our expertise in designing custom trips reaches far beyond a traditional travel agency, we are also an internationally registered and certified agency. We have exclusive access to reservation systems with first-rate vendors. This gives us access to competitive rates for everything from ocean-liner and river cruises, safaris and cycling trips to hotels, rail travel, flights, luxury villa rentals and beyond.  We are able to thoroughly research and book all your travel options assuring that you get only the best.

Save on time and stress

Many travelers don't have the countless hours, days and weeks it takes to thoroughly research and plan a trip, which causes them to book ordinary package tours that provide watered-down cultural experiences. Instead, you could be travelling at your own pace, fulfilling your own dreams for the trip and often for less money. We'll do the weeks and  months of research and planning and you get to be as involved as you'd like. It's your trip, planned to your desires and interests. We do the mundane part so that you can do the fun part!

Know where you're going and how to get there

Having the freedom to go your own pace is essential for a fulfilling vacation. However, getting lost, sitting in traffic, or wasting hours in a train station or airport because of poorly planned transportation day is a complete waste of your vacation dollars. Our professional knowledge of the travel industry will assure your trip is logistically sound with the most efficient and pleasant travel days. Can you ferry with your car instead of waste hours driving around a body of water? Is a high-speed train faster than flying? Is the scenic drive worth the extra time? We'll seamlessly link your modes of transportation so you spend more time enjoying your travels. We'll also provide detailed highlighted maps, downloadable GPS routes and route descriptions so you can smoothly navigate through your journey.

Know your options

Every minute doesn't have to (and shouldn't) be planned out but having some structure to your travel plan is absolutely critical for a smooth trip. Lack of advance research can lead to extremely frustrating situations and has a potential to lead to tension between travel partners. Too many jet-lagged travelers trying to decide on a plan for the day or finding out that the Skellig Island trips were booked up months ago by travel agents is never fun. We can provide structure to your trip so that everyone can wake up each day knowing if there's a plan and what the options are within it. A solid structure with plenty of flexibility built-in makes each traveler happy and satisfied with EVERY DAY.

Professional advance planning

Last minute planning always costs more money and can negatively impact your trip. For example, booking a last-minute room at a chain hotel instead of finding that perfectly located boutique hotel or the quaintest Irish Bed and Breakfast is a real shame. We'll make sure every day, night and dollar you spend on your vacation exceeds your expectations.

Financial transparency

Our fees remain separate from all of your travel reservations. This means there is 100% transparency on how much you are paying and to whom. You are in control of how your money is spent.

YOU are at the core

Unlike other travel agencies, we are not commission based. Your trip creation is based on the best experience for YOU and not who provides the best commission rate to travel brokers. Rest assured that every dollar of your money goes to enriching YOUR travel experience.

With us, you are in control of how and where your money is spent.