We specialize in Real Travel, which means we custom design unique and dynamic trips that will enrich your life, delight your senses and truly showcase what our amazing Planet has to offer. We have a particular focus on active and intellectual trips. So in addition to infusing trips with genuine cultural and social experiences, we also love to include alternative modes of transportation such as cycling, hiking, kayaking or boating (including River cruising), when desired.

Our trip planning services will save you precious time and money. Using our expert knowledge of destinations and the travel industry, we can help you plan the perfect trip the first time you go.

Our Trip Designs are as Unique as YOU and as Diverse as our PLANET.

We cater to the individual desires of everyone in your travelling party. Not everyone travelling together has the same interests or hopes for their trip. We can provide a diverse and flexible structure so that EVERYONE gets what they want from their trip. Some people may be golfing and some may be shopping or cycling; regardless, everyone can come together for shared experiences. Our logistically sound itineraries will provide a structure so that no one in your travel party has to take on the stress and responsibility of meeting everyone else's expectations.


Please see our Travel Gallery for a small sampling of our specialties.