Our rates are based on the length and complexity of your trip and our level of involvement.

Unlike other travel agencies, we are not commission based. Your trip creation is based on the best experience for YOU and not who provides the best commission rate to travel brokers. Rest assured that every dollar of your money goes to enriching YOUR travel experience.

Every traveler is different. We cater our services to the trip planning needs of you and your travel partners. Our fees range from $50 for assisting with destination and trip planning, to  a couple hundred dollars for itinerary design, and on up for route designing or complex logistics. 

In our initial conversation, we'll establish how and if we can serve you in planning your adventure and then provide you with a quote. From here, you can let us know if you'd like to engage in our services or not. Nothing is set in stone, and we can adjust our services as your trip planning evolves. The itineraries we create are each unique and require their own specific level of attention and detail. We calculate our fees based on the time and services required for your project. Regardless of our fees, our services will save you a significant amount of money and time. 

With us, you are in control of how and where your money is spent.

Unlike typical travel agencies, our fees remain separate from all of your travel bookins. This means there is 100% transparency on how much you are paying and to whom.